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Generic webpage by Web scenarios


Generic webpage monitoring by a basic Web scenario, easy to configure. Alerting on unavailability.

Add the target webpage in Macros: {$URL}, full URL of the page to monitor. (For example : https://mywebpage.com)


Patxi Andueza

Macros used

Macro Default value Description
{$URL} < Put the page URL here > Full URL of the page to monitor. (For example : https://www.mywebpage.com/)
{$UPDATE.INTERVAL} 1m Every so often a request is made to the website.
{$TRIES.UNTIL.TRIGGER} 2 Attempts until the trigger is fired. (Minimum value 1, so that it is triggered immediately).

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Discovery rules

There are no discovery rules in this template.

Items collected

There are no items in this template other than those predefined by the web scenario.


Name Description Expression Priority
Webpage not available <p>The website has failed to return the status code 200 (OK) on {$TRIES.UNTIL.TRIGGER} occasions.</p> <p>Expression: last(/Generic webpage by Web scenarios/web.test.fail[Webpage availability],{$TRIES.UNTIL.TRIGGER})<>0</p><p>Recovery expression: </p> High