Available versions

Zabbix Plugin Pack for xFusion Device **************************

I. General Information

Name:     Zabbix Plugin Packsage for xFusion Server
Function: Query, Monitoring
Version:  2.0

II. Description

Integrated in the Zabbix software, xFusion Zabbix plug-in is provided as a Zabbix template. Users can directly use it or use it for secondary development. The Zabbix plug-in can be used to monitor the iBMC, HMM, CCU component, EMM, or SWI.

III. Compatibility Information

Managed Object Compatible Zabbix Version Version Dependency     Hardware Compatibility    Interface Protocol    
iBMC Zabbix 5.0 iBMC V294 or later Rack server: RH1288 V3, RH2288 V3, RH2288H V3, RH5885 V3, RH8100 V3, 1288H V5, 2288H V5, 2488 V5, 2288 V5; High-density server: XH321 V3, XH620 V3, XH622 V3, XH628 V3; Heterogeneous server: G560 V5; Blade server: CH121L V5 SNMP v2c

VI. Additional Resources

For more information consult User Guide: https://github.com/Open-xFusion/Server_Plugin_Zabbix/tree/main/docs