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Printer Xerox B215

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Discovery rules

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Items collected

Name Description Type Key and additional info
Type of drum - black <p>-</p> SNMP agent black.drum.type<p>Update: 21600</p>
Current cartridge toner level - black <p>-</p> SNMP agent ink.black.now<p>Update: 30</p>
Printer location <p>-</p> SNMP agent printer.location<p>Update: 21600</p>
Serial number <p>-</p> SNMP agent serial.number<p>Update: 21600</p>
Cartridge toner level % - black <p>-</p> Calculated black.cartridge.toner<p>Update: 30</p>
Current cartridge Drum level - black <p>-</p> SNMP agent drum.black.now<p>Update: 30</p>
Pages printed - black <p>-</p> SNMP agent pages.printed.black<p>Update: 10800</p>
Max cartridge Drum level - black <p>-</p> SNMP agent drum.black.max<p>Update: 30</p>
Printer model <p>-</p> SNMP agent model<p>Update: 21600</p>
Cartridge drum level % - black <p>-</p> Calculated black.cartridge.drum<p>Update: 30</p>
Max cartridge Toner level - black <p>-</p> SNMP agent ink.black.max<p>Update: 30</p>
Pages printed - total <p>-</p> SNMP agent pages.printed.total<p>Update: 10800</p>
Type of cartridge - black <p>-</p> SNMP agent black.cartridge.type<p>Update: 21600</p>


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