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Monitoring PPPoE with SNMP


Template for monitor PPPoE Sections in Huawei NE-800



Macros Used

|Name|Description|Default|Type| |—-|———–|——-|—-| |{$PPPDOWN}|<p>-</p>|1|Text macro|

There are no template links in this template.

Discovery rules

There are no template discovery rules in this template.

Items collected

|Name|Description|Type|Key and additional info| |—-|———–|—-|—-| |Sessões ativas|<p>This object go information number of active sessions in server PPPoE</p>|SNMP agent|CurrentSessions<p>Update: 1m</p>| |Sessões ativas - Alteração|<p>this object go information number of sessions that changed in the server PPPoE</p>|Calculated|CurrentSessionsChange<p>Update: 1m</p>||Name|Description|Type|Key and additional info|

Triggers collected

Name Description Expression Priority
Rápida queda de sessões ativas ({ITEM.LASTVALUE1}) <p>-</p> <p>Expression: last(/Huawei - PPPoE Server/CurrentSessionsChange)<=-{$PPPDOWN}</p><p>Recovery expression: </p> information
Rápido aumento de sessões ativas ({ITEM.LASTVALUE1}) <p>-</p> <p>Expression: last(/Huawei - PPPoE Server/CurrentSessionsChange)>={$PPPDOWN}</p><p>Recovery expression: </p> information