Available versions

Gitlab Update Check


Check if a Gitlab server instance is running the latest software version


John W Kerns (https://github.com/PackeTsar)

Macros used

Name Description Default Type
{$GITLAB_TOKEN} Gitlab personal access token None Text macro


Discovery rules

There are no discovery rules in this template.

Items collected

Name Description Type Key and additional info
Update Status Status of the Gitlab software (ie: “up-to-date”) External check gitlab_update_check.sh[“{HOSTNAME}”, “{$GITLAB_TOKEN}”]


Name Description Expression Priority
Gitlab Update Available A non-critical software update is available {gitlab.verticalcomputers.com:gitlab_update_check.sh["{HOSTNAME}", "{$GITLAB_TOKEN}"].str(up-to-date)}<>1 Warning
Gitlab Critical Update Available A critical software update is available {gitlab.verticalcomputers.com:gitlab_update_check.sh["{HOSTNAME}", "{$GITLAB_TOKEN}"].str(update asap)}=1 High