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TEMPLATE VERSION 1.0 Template is based on Synology DiskStation MIB Guide (published:2017/09/19). Features Includes following applications/sections: Synology System Synology Disk Synology RAID Synology SMART Synology Services Synology StorageIO ...

Min Zabbix version3.4.x

Synology DSM 5+ Popular


Based on template by Maxim Krusina and Massimo Filippi. 24 items, 19 triggers, 2 LLD rules Fixed hardcoded public community for LLD, added CPU monitoring and inventory. Please set macro for host. See this document for additional info. For Zabbix ver ...

Min Zabbix version2.4.x

System: CPU Fan status Power status System Fan status System status System temperature Disks: Disk 1 status Disk 1 temperature Disk 2 status Disk 2 temperature Network: Incoming traffic Outgoing traffic ...and states of five disk ...

Min Zabbix version2.0.x

Cleaned Up template that is originally from Added -CPU load average -Template for each CPU discovery -Template for Interface discovery -Trigger for Updates -Template for Disk Discovery

Min Zabbix version3.2.x

This template got 18 items, 11 Triggers and 3 discovery rule. Please, import to your zabbix server this template first "Template Module Generic SNMPv2" before importing the downloaded template. Items configured Disk overall status Raid Status System over ...

Min Zabbix version4.0.x