Type: Zabbix Tool

Zabbix-cli is a tool for managing some Zabbix administration tasks via the zabbix-API. It is a terminal client that can be used in interactive and non-interactive mode. Read the documentation for more information. The zabbix-cli code is distributed und ...

Min Zabbix version2.2.x

Daily we need to export the report, use zabbix manager can export xls file using zabbix_manager will greatly save us time  

Min Zabbix version3.0.x

Because there's (still) no solution to set the name of a host to it's SNMP sysName value, I've modified this script which I found in an archive on the web, partly in russian.It gets the host from the database, does an snmpwalk for each host and updates th ...

Min Zabbix version2.4.x

This tool allows you to build a Wallboard with all active triggers/problems. No tables. No small texts. It's used to get an overview from distance. Use big screen in the office and load the wallboard there. All people in the office could see the problems ...

Min Zabbix version2.4.x

Hello everyone, i would to share a script that will help you to analyze the problems in zabbix The program export triggers in excell file based on filters usaje is very simple if do you want to use python script (with Gui) must intall some libraries: 1 ...

Min Zabbix version3.0.x

Beta TolkitPosh for 3par-7200 monitorig Please contact with questions in the mail or telegram Просьба обращаться с вопросами в почту или telegram For multiple unique problems with host windows and powershell 3par toolkit HPE. I'm going to redo everythi ...

Min Zabbix version3.4.x

Tool to analize your problems in excel

Min Zabbix version3.4.x

ZabDash New!

Zabbix Dashboard. Only for Zabbix 4.0.x, for now.

Category:Web Addons
Min Zabbix version4.0.x