Type: API Library

This is a partition scripts for Zabbix database of MySQL,support zabbix 2.2 2.4 3.0 3.2 3.4 4.0 https://github.com/zabbix-book/partitiontables_zabbix

Min Zabbix version2.2.x

Manageacloud provides detailed instructions to install Zabbix Server in Debian Jessie, allowing automated installations. It also allows you to:  - Test Zabbix 2.4 - Create and install a new Zabbix server  - Install Zabbix in a existing Debian Jessie serv ...

Min Zabbix version2.4.x

Powershell Zabbix API

Min Zabbix version2.2.x

These scripts cater for partitioning any Zabbix tables that include the clock column. Partitioning is recommended for large tables such as history*, trends* and events where the data size might exceed total physical RAM. When selecting a partitioning int ...

Min Zabbix version2.2.x

it work on all version of zabbix

Min Zabbix version3.2.x

zapish - Zabbix API SHell binding   The zapish.inc is the file to include in own SH/bash scripts with few functions which make calling Zabbix API easy. It consists of few functions for: construct JSON string fields like string, numeric and arrays t ...

Min Zabbix version3.4.x

Zabbix Protocols in Clojure. Zabbix Sender, Zabbix Agent and Zabbix Server Prototypes.

Min Zabbix version2.4.x

IOS Client for View our Zabbix Capabilities: Viewing Triggers View Graphs View Host Status Browse Groups Viewing Hosts View Server Version Push notifications

Min Zabbix version3.2.x