Tags: systemd

Don't install any Zabbix modules, scripts. Just start new container and you can monitoring all Docker containers on the host. docker run \ --name=zabbix-agent-xxl \ -h `hostname` \ -p 10050:10050 \ -v /:/rootfs \ -e "ZA_Server=" \ -d moni ...

Min Zabbix version2.2.x

zabbix-module-systemd is a loadable Zabbix module that enables Zabbix to query the systemd D-Bus API for native and granular system state monitoring.  

Min Zabbix version3.2.x

This is a simple template for monitoring systemd services using Zabbix.   Features: White Listing or Black Listing of Services LLD of systemd services. Alerting if a service stops Alerting if a service restarts.   ***See GitHub page for latest ver ...

Min Zabbix version4.0.x