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Tags: lxc

Don't install any Zabbix modules, scripts. Just start new container and you can monitoring all Docker containers on the host. docker run \ --name=zabbix-agent-xxl \ -h `hostname` \ -p 10050:10050 \ -v /:/rootfs \ -e "ZA_Server=" \ -d moni ...

Min Zabbix version2.2.x

LXC templateIf you use Proxmox, you have probably noticed that the metrics reassembled by zabbix agent with the linux templates provided by zabbix 4 do not work or provide bullshit. Explanation : LXC containers have metrics in files sometimes different, ...

Min Zabbix version4.0.x

LXC node monitoring through Zabbix. LXC containers monitoring through Zabbix. Template "Template LXC Node" finds all containers, creates new hosts and apply template "Template LXC CT" on them.   Created and tested on zabbix 2.4.5.

Min Zabbix version2.4.x