OS: General

Template is use to supervise deployment config and pod  status of OCP specifique namespace / Project  Discovery Rules: - Deployment Config - Pod    Template use unique zabbix external script ( python script) with different parameters The script use ...

Min Zabbix version4.4.x

Zabbix template for the AVTECH Room Alert 3E environment monitor. This template can be used to monitor the temperature reading from the device's internal thermometer. To use, create a new host with an SNMP Interface pointing at the IP address of the Room ...

Min Zabbix version4.0.x

Template of transmissor Hitachi model EC704MP. This template contains: 8 applications 61 itens 4 triggers Our applications have itens of the component below: Driver Measurements General Power Amplifiers Power Setup Power Supply SFN Templa ...

Min Zabbix version5.0.x

Template Module MDADM New! Popular

A simple template that detects and monitors software raids made with MDADM

Min Zabbix version5.2.x