Legrand Inform

Inform is being acquired by Legrand Group in 2010.

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Template for monitoring UPS Legrand CS 121 (all models) with explanations and advices. The mibs are there: http://ups.legrand.com/software/ The content of template: 5 Applications: General, Health, Input, Output, Battery 18 Items: Input voltage, Batte ...

Min Zabbix version3.4.x

Works with Raritan PDU PX2 / PX3 and ATS PX3 products Discovery rules: - Inlets- Outlets- Overcurrent Protectors- Sensors With advanced power function (See https://www.zabbix.com/forum/zabbix-help/385574 for more info)

Min Zabbix version4.2.x

Zabbix monitoring template for Raritan PDU PX3-5466R This template was tested only on Zabbix 4.4 and PX3-5466R devices but may work on other models too. The sensor discovery is simplistic and many assumptions were made, which might require little changes ...

Min Zabbix version4.4.x