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James Lodge

This is a template for Sharp Printers MX-C301w and MX-2640.  Items Waste Toner Usage   Cyan Toner Usage  Black Photoconductive Drum Usage   Yellow Photoconductive Drum Usage Cyan Photoconductive Drum Usage    Magenta Photoconductive Drum Usage    ...

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 UPDATES 131116 - Openssl s_client error redirecting to /dev/null - Fixed  This is an modified version of  ssl certificates check to reflect the difference between the date command in FreeBSD.  This is originally based on ...

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LLD of Sensors (Only Temperature and humidity)  Trigger Prototypes for recommended 45RH% - 55RH% humidity and 20°C - 24°C Temperature Graph Prototypes for Temperature and Humidity.  Triggers names contain the last value that cause the trigger so you c ...

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