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First install "Unofficial Zabbix Agent" on Android Enable active monitoring to ue active template. It uses Zabbix active agent template (can be donwloaded from our github: https://github.com/muutech/zabbix-templates Made by Muutech Monitoring Solutions ...

Min Zabbix version3.0.x

# zabbix_meminfo Zabbix template for Linux memory statistics from /proc/meminfo. Using LLD and dependent item, simple and flexible monitoring is realized. ## Notes - for Zabbix 3.4   - Use template `zbx_templates_meminfo_34.xml`. - for Zabbix 4.0   ...

Min Zabbix version3.4.x

Additional: there are a similar tools incorporated in Zabbix. You can use: net.tcp.service keys   I create this template for check connection between remotely hosts. It can be useful to check connectivity specific host\port. Supported Windows OS (need ...