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Exchange Server Popular

zbx-exchange provides possibility to make Low Level Discovery of Microsoft Exchange Server databases and retrieve their parameters with perfomance counters. Attached template works only with Zabbix 4.2 and above.  Latest stable version: 0.1  Dependenci ...

Category:Mail servers
Min Zabbix version4.2.x

zbx-hpsmartarray PowerShell script for monitoring HP SmartArray RAID controllers (Zabbix) zbx-hpsmartarray provides possibility to make Low Level Discovery of HP Smart Array components, such as controllers, logical and physical drives. Also you can requ ...

Min Zabbix version3.0.x

zbx-rc Utility to send message from Zabbix into Rocket.Chat. You can contact me with Telegram: @asand3r Program wrote with Python 3.6. Latest stable versions: 0.1alpha3 Actual info on GitHub: Dependencies reques ...

Min Zabbix version3.0.x

Hyper-V Server Popular

zbx-hyperv PowerShell script for Zabbix to monitor Hyper-V server. zbx-hyperv provides possibility to make Low Level Discovery of Hyper-V server VMs and retrieve their parameters, such "Memory Assigned", "CPU Usage", "State" etc. Attached template works ...

Min Zabbix version4.0.x

zbx-backup This is shell script written on Bash implement backup of Zabbix instance. As result you'll get a tar archive includes database dump, config and scripts directories.For database backup it uses mysqldump or Percona Xtrabackup utility (you must ...

Min Zabbix version3.0.x

Veritas/Symantec Backup Exec Server template All checks executes with T-SQL, so you must configure Zabbix to use FreeTDS for MS SQL Server.Backup Jobs LLD rules:- Backup Exec Windows Service- Backup Exec Jobs DiscoveryMacroses and must be set on templa ...

Min Zabbix version4.4.x