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A template to fetch Packet filter values and sensors with autodiscovery works on 2.4 Need to have 4 regexp (admin-> regular expression) to works File systems for discovery oBsd sensor cpu "^cpu.*$ [Result is TRUE]" oBsd sensor fan "^fan.*$ [Result i ...

Min Zabbix version2.0.x

This SNMP template should work for SoHo, TZ300, TZ400, TZ500 and TZ600 Dell Sonicwalls. Thanks to the others that posted Sonicwall templates, I used these as basis for this template but fixed monitoring of X interfaces. Hopefully update this template in ...

Min Zabbix version3.0.x

Forcepoint Firewall Template NGFW (Stonesoft).   Zip contains 2 files: - Template Firewall - VPN Template.   Required SNMP MIB Link:

Min Zabbix version3.2.x